Hosting services

Common characteristics to All Our Plans of Hosting

It does not matter what plan of hosting chooses, we will provide to him:

  • Dominion free when annual paying (less with in Economic plan)
  • 99.9% of operation (its Web will be available a minimum of 99.9% of the time.)
  • Support of Monday of Sunday.
  • Without activation cost.
  • Cgi, PHP 5,2, Data bases MySQL 5+, Perl, and much more.
  • Control Panel cPanel in Spanish (very easy to use).
  • To see all the details.

He compares our plans of hosting. Does not know what plan to choose? Notary publics indicating their requirements or telling us about their project Web to us (or personal, professional, for micro-enterprises, SME, etc.) and our equipment of support will recommend host to him the more suitable.

About Our Services

When buying one of our plans of Web hosting You will have access to his own Control Panel cPanel in Spanish.

Control Panel cPanel

From cPanel You will be able to administer his dominions, subdominions, accounts of email, data bases, to see statistics, etc.

cPanel demo

To see an example of the Control Panel of users: cPanel demo (demo is in English)

Our Control Panel cPanel in addition includes the Fantastic Installer who allow You to install blogs, forums and many other applications, automáticamnete and without complications.

In addition we offer registry of dominions .com .net .biz .org .info and .us, providing Web to him hosting Linux with support PHP and MySQL.

If he is new in the subject of host, reads what is Web hosting? , where it will be able to know some aspects basic the lodging Web.

Our service of Web hosting is directed to clients in all the countries where the Spanish is spoken: Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Spain, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, Cuba, Guatemala, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Honduras, Paraguay, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Uruguay and Panama. Our technical and commercial service is available in English Spanish and.

HostAndes is dedicated to provide a service of Web hosting (also known like host, lodging Web or lodging Web) of the highest possible quality. All our plans have a guarantee of operation of 99,9%. Our center is the trustworthiness and service to the client.

Economic Hosting

1,95 US$/mes

  • 100 MB of space Web
  • 1 GB of monthly transference
  • 2 months free if it pays annual
  • PHP, MySQL and much more

Nascent Hosting

3,95 US$/mes

  • 400 MB of space Web
  • 4 GB of monthly transference
  • Dominion free and
  • 2 months free if it pays annual

Intermediate Hosting

6,95 US$/mes

  • 2 GB of space Web
  • 20 GB of transf. monthly
  • Dominion free and
  • 2 months free if it pays annual

Advanced Hosting

9,95 US$/mes

  • 4 GB of space Web
  • limitless transf. monthly
  • Dominion free and
  • 2 months free if it pays annual

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