Frequent questions

Pre-Sale/General Consultations

P. Will add advertizing announcements in my Web site?
R. No, we did not add publicity in your site.

P. Their servants are Linux/Unix or Windows NT?
R. Our servants are Linux CentOS (that is identical to the Linux Red Hat Enterprise.)

P. Allow adult sites?
R. Yes, we allowed adult sites whose content is completely legal.

P. the taxes are including in the price of the plans?
R. Yes, the taxes are including in the price.

P. What Control Panel uses and is possible to see demo?
R. The Control Panel that we used is Cpanel in Spanish. Demo of cPanel (in English) can be seen here, entrance with user demo, and password demo.

P.I can pay monthly?
R. All our plans (Economic, Nascent, Intermediate and Advanced) can be paid in monthly or annual form. The annual price comes with a discount equivalent to two months.

P.I can provide with accomodations friendly sites?
R. Yes, You can provide with accomodations the sites of his friendly.

P. How much take in qualifying my account?
R. Its account will be qualified automatically, once we have received and confirmed the corresponding payment of the plan.

P. Is some hidden cost, or some cost of qualification?
R. No, only the monthly or annual cost of the plan escojido by You

P. HostAndes is sobresold in their plans?
R. no. The majority of the lodging companies Web offers plans with enormous amounts of disc storage and monthly transference of data, only like strategy to obtain new clients, knowing that the majority of their users will only use a small part of the offered resources. But they would use all the bought resources, the company would not have how to respond. In HostAndes we assigned all the resources bought by the client, he uses or no. completely.

P. Offer operation guarantee?
R. If, we guaranteed 99,9% of operation (percentage of the month in which the servant who lodges his site is in operation). In case of not being fulfilled this guarantee (which never has happened) You can ask for the return of his money, except the proportional one already used.

P. Offer telnet or access shell?
R. No, for reasons of security we do not offer telnet or access shell. In any case You can decompress archives .zip in the servant using the tool of File management, in addition You can form cron jobs.

P.I can protect my directories with password?
R. Yes, You can protect his directories by means of the use of a password.

Invoicing and Payments

P. What modes of payment accept?
R. We accepted payments with PayPal and banking transference. Also it can pay with credit cards through Paypal.

P. How is the collection of the lodging plans Web?
R. The payment of the services is advance, for which he will be redirigido to our processor of payments when it is necessary.

P. How I cancel my services?
R. In order to cancel the services that to him HostAndes provides, enters its area of Clients and solicits cancellation of its services. To cancel the subscription of PayPal (in case it exists) is of responsibility hers.

P. How I close my account in HostAndes?
R. First cancels its services with us (to see previous question), soon envíenos ticket of support soliciing cancellation of its account.

P.I can obtain a return of my initial payment?
R. Yes, within the first 7 days of realized the payment, envíenos ticket of support soliciing the cancellation of the services and the return of the money. The cost of registry of a dominion (in case it is including in the order) cannot be given back because we cannot reclaim that money.

Control Panel (cPanel)

P. Have a manual to the Control Panel?
R. Please visits

P. Where I go to enter Control Panel?
R. Please goes to and enters with the data of access sent to You in the welcome email.

P. How I create subdominions?
R. In order to create subdominions it enters his Control Panel, in “Tools of management of the site? clicks in Subdominios.

DNS (Names of Servant)

P. How much will take my dominion in being available via Web?
R. Usually takes between 24 and 48 hours so that its dominion propagates in all the Internet.

P. How I form the names of servant for my dominion (server Domain Name)?
R. Please reads its email of welcome, if there is lost his email of welcome can write us to ask us for the DNS.


P. Where I can descagar a software of gratuitous FTP?
R. We recommended the use of SmartFTP or WS FTP. It can visit to look for and to unload software.

P.I have problems loading archives to the servant What is bad?
R. Asegúrese that is loading (raising) the archives to the directory correct Web, which is public_html

P. Why does not change my password of FTP when change my password of cPanel?
R. Please lets pass at least 24 hours for the update of the password of FTP.


P. How I create mail accounts?
R. In order to create mail accounts it enters his Control Panel (cPanel), in “Tools of mail management? clicks in Accounts of mail.

P. What use like servant of incoming and salient mail?
R. In both cases uses

P. Where I go to review my email with my navigator (IE, FireFox, etc.)?


P. Which is path of my archives in the servant?
R. Path is /home/username/public_html

P. Which is path to sendmail?
R. Path to sendmail is /usr/sbin/sendmail

P. Which is path local to Perl?
R. Path to Perl is /usr/bin/perl

P. Which is path to curl?
R. Path to curl is /usr/bin/curl

P. Which is path to ImageMagick?
R. Path to ImageMagick is /usr/bin/

P. Which is path to convert for ImageMagick?
R. Path to convert is /usr/bin/


P. No of my scripts cgi work in the servant. I make how them work?
R. Asegúrese that has changed the CHMOD to 755.

P. How I create and I administer data bases?
R. Enters to cPanel and clicks in “Data bases MySQL?. Once it creates data bases can administer them from phpMyAdmin, also in cPanel.

Versions of Software

P. Which is the version of MySQL?
R. The version of MySQL that we used is 5.0.67-community.

P. Which is the PHP version?
R. The PHP version that we used is 5.2.8.

P. Which is the Perl version?
R. The Perl version that we used is 5.8.8.

P. Which is the version of cPanel?
R. Our servants automatically update to the more recent stable version of cPanel.

Economic Hosting

1,95 US$/mes

  • 100 MB of space Web
  • 1 GB of monthly transference
  • 2 months free if it pays annual
  • PHP, MySQL and much more

Nascent Hosting

3,95 US$/mes

  • 400 MB of space Web
  • 4 GB of monthly transference
  • Dominion free and
  • 2 months free if it pays annual

Intermediate Hosting

6,95 US$/mes

  • 2 GB of space Web
  • 20 GB of transf. monthly
  • Dominion free and
  • 2 months free if it pays annual

Advanced Hosting

9,95 US$/mes

  • 4 GB of space Web
  • limitless transf. monthly
  • Dominion free and
  • 2 months free if it pays annual

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