Plan of Web Economic Hosting

The plan of “Economic� Web hosting provides the resources necessary to provide with accomodations its Web site or blog in Internet, to a very economic price, mainly if it chooses the option of annual payment. It includes all the characteristics that see in the following table!

Disc space 100 MB
Monthly transference 1 GB
Monthly cost * $1.95
Annual cost $19.50 (2 months free)
99,9% operation yes
Support of Monday to Sunday yes
Without contract yes
Gratuitous qualification yes
To buy To buy
It can create…
Dominions 1
Subdominios 1
Accounts FTP 1
All the accounts will have.
Cgi yes
PHP 5.2 yes
Data bases MySQL 5+ 1
Perl yes
Ruby On Rails yes
Cron yes
SSI yes
Frontpage yes
Curl yes
Image Magick yes
Audio-video Streaming yes
GD yes
Python yes
Accounts of electronic mail 2
Answering machines yes
Lists of mail yes
Alias and I resend yes
Mail Web yes
Catch ALL yes
Spam Assassin yes
Smtp yes
IMAP yes
Characteristics of the Control Panel
Cpanel (in Spanish) cPanel demo (demo is in English)
Fantastic yes
Hotlink protection yes
Blockade of IP yes
Configurable pages of Error yes
Blogs instantaneous yes
Instantaneous vestibules yes
Instantaneous PHPnuke yes
Forums instantaneous yes
Instantaneous accountant yes
File manager yes
Directories protected by password yes
phpMyAdmin yes
Webalizer yes
AWstats yes
Administration of Logs yes
Referrer Logs yes
Logs error yes
Characteristics of E-commerce
Shared SSL yes
Agora Shopping Cart yes
osCommerce yes
Cube Cart yes
Plans Economic
Monthly option $1.95
Annual option $19.50 (2 months free)
To go to the car of orders To buy

* All the prices in US$ (American dollars)

Economic Hosting

1,95 US$/mes

  • 100 MB of space Web
  • 1 GB of monthly transference
  • 2 months free if it pays annual
  • PHP, MySQL and much more

Nascent Hosting

3,95 US$/mes

  • 400 MB of space Web
  • 4 GB of monthly transference
  • Dominion free and
  • 2 months free if it pays annual

Intermediate Hosting

6,95 US$/mes

  • 2 GB of space Web
  • 20 GB of transf. monthly
  • Dominion free and
  • 2 months free if it pays annual

Advanced Hosting

9,95 US$/mes

  • 4 GB of space Web
  • limitless transf. monthly
  • Dominion free and
  • 2 months free if it pays annual

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