Registry Dominions, To buy Dominion

HostAndes allows him to buy a dominion .com .net .org .biz .info .es .com .es .org .es or .us .travel .tv .mobi. In order to begin it reviews the availability of his dominion.

To review Availability
Note! It free obtains his dominion with the annual payment of our plans of hosting Nascent, Intermediate and Advanced.

Gratuitous services including in the registry of its dominion:

  • Gestià ³ n DNS
  • Redireccià ³ n
  • Blockade security
  • Warnings expiracià ³ n
  • Parking

We will register the dominion with their personal information, therefore in data bases WHOIS the registered dominion will appear like his.

Also we can provide with accomodations a dominion that You already own, and does not need to transfer it, will only need to update nameservers (it will receive detailed information of how doing this). First is to choose one of our plans of Web hosting.

If paÃs needs a dominion his, ex: .cl, .es, .com, .com .mx, etc, visits ÂCÃ ³ mo to register dominions of countries?


A dominion or name of dominion is a descriptor of sites in Internet, by ex: The System of Names of Dominion is used (DNS by its abbreviations in English) to associate these names easy to remember for the people with numbers IP that identify the servants where such sites are provided with accomodations.

The following examples illustrate the difference between a URL and names of dominion:

Name of dominion:
Name of registered dominion:

Each dominion finishes in a level dominion superior (TLD). A level dominion generic superior (gTLD) is used, at least in theory, by some particular type of organization:

.com - for commercial organizations, but without restrictions.

.net - originally for network infrastructures, now without restrictions.

.org - originally for organizations who clearly did not enter others gTLDs, now without restrictions.

.biz - for the use in businesses.

.info - for informative sites, but without restrictions.

.edu - for educational establishments of level superior.

.mobi - for sites oriented to the movable devices.

.travel - dedicated to the turÃstica industry and of entertainment.

.tv - geogrà is the Dominion of level superiorfico (ccTLD) for Tuvalu. He is very popular (and therefore valuable) since ³ n agrees to the meaning of the word “televisiÃ?.


Hosting Económico

1,95 US$/mes

  • 100 MB of space Web
  • 1 GB of monthly transference
  • 2 months free if it pays annual
  • PHP, MySQL and much mÃs

Nascent Hosting

3,95 US$/mes

  • 400 MB of space Web
  • 4 GB of monthly transference
  • Dominion free and
  • 2 months free if it pays annual

Intermediate Hosting

6,95 US$/mes

  • 2 GB of space Web
  • 20 GB of transf. monthly
  • Dominion free and
  • 2 months free if it pays annual

Advanced Hosting

9,95 US$/mes

  • 4 GB of space Web
  • limitless transf. monthly
  • Dominion free and
  • 2 months free if it pays annual

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