Conditions of the Service

It reviews our Policy of Privacy here.

1.) Activation of Cuenta

We will activate its account once we have received and validated the corresponding payment. He is of its responsibility to provide with a direction of email in operation, that is not of the dominion that wishes to register and/or to provide with accomodations.

2.) Content

All our services can be only used for legal intentions. The content that is not allowed includes, but a is not limited: content protected with rights of author, pornography infantile or any other content that is illegal in the USA (where are our servants) or the country where You reside, and all material who we consider obscene or besides lay.

Examples of unacceptable material:

IRC Bots

Warez sites

Pirateado Software

Racist sites or that promote hatred

Programs or archives to hacker

3.) Spam

We have a policy of tolerance zero with the shipment of email nonasked for, massive shipment of emails and Spam. ‚ÄúReady safe‚Ä? and ‚ÄúLists with double confirmation‚Ä? will be considered like Spam. Any user who sends Spam will have his account finished without previous warning.

We reserved the right to require changes or the deshabilitación according to is necessary of any Web site, counts, data base or another component that does not fulfill our policy. Also we reserved the right to realize such changes or dehabilitaciones in case of emergencia, to our own criterion.

4.) Use of Resources

The users do not have to incur the following thing:

a) To use 25% or more of the resources of the system by more than 90 seconds. There are many activities that could cause such problems, these include: scripts cgi, FTP, PHP, HTTP, etc.

b) To run any type of interactive applications of chat in real time that require servant resources. The applications provided with accomodations remotely are allowed.

c) To run independent processes of server-side and without taking care of at any time in the servant. This includes any and all the demons, such as IRCD.

d) To run any software that it connects with an IRC network (Internet Relay Chat).

e) To run any servant of games such as counter-strike, half-life, battlefield1492, etc.

5.) Transference Mensual or Bandwidth

Its account will have assigned with a monthly amount of data transfer. This amount depends on the plan that has paid. If its account exceeds this amount, we reserved the right to suspend its account until the beginning of the next month, to suspend its account until You buy an extra amount of data transfer, to suspend its account until You pay by a greater plan, to finish the account and/or to receive by the extra use of data transfer. The data transfer used in a month cannot be used the following month.

6.) Endorsements and Loss of Data

We are not responsible by archives or data that reside in their account. You accept to assume complete responsibility by archives and transferred data, and to maintain an appropriate endorsement of archives and data stored in our servants.

7) Payment of the Services

You accept to in advance pay the amount that corresponds by the provided services by us, to the period of time in which such services are provided. You accept that until You notofique to of your desire to cancel anyone or all the received services, those services are received according to the terms of the effective subscription.

8.) Change in the Prices

The amount that You never pay by his plan will be greater to the one than it pays at the moment.

We reserved the right to change the price of our services at any time. In case this happens only the new subscriptions will be affected, maintaining the effective subscriptions the same price.

9.) Change in the Plans

We reserved the right to at any time increase the amount of resources assigned to each plan.

10.) Cancelamiento and Devolución de Pagos

The clients can request the closing of their account at any time.

The clients can ask for a return of the initial payment within the first 7 days of realized such payment. The cost of registry of a dominion (in case it is including in the order) is not given back, because we cannot reclaim that money of the supplier.

Only the new clients have right to a return of the initial payment. For example, if You had an account with us he cancelled, it, and soon he returned abrir an account, or if You abrió one second account with us, You will not have right to a return of the initial payment.

11.) Guarantee of Operation

We guarantee 99,9% of operation (measured for every month like the percentage of minutes in which the servant that lodges its site estubo in operation). In case of not being fulfilled this guarantee You can ask for the return of his money, except the proportional one already used. The payments by means of Western Union will not be given back due to the shipment costs.

12.) Responsibilities does not assume any responsibility by any damage that its business can suffer. This includes resulting loss of data of delays, does not give, gives defective and to any interruption of the service caused by us or our suppliers.

13.) Changes in the Conditions of the Service

We reserved the right to modify these Conditions of the Service with the purpose of to adapt us to the changes of the heading. Any change in the Conditions of the Service will have like priority the well-being of our clients.

Last update: 3 May 2008

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