Program of Affiliates, To make Money Offering Web Hosting

You send you visit our site, if they buy a plan of hosting we we paid to him. That simple! Just by a sale You can win until US$50! To begin is very easy and it only takes a pair from minutes:

How much I can win?

- We paid a 50% to Him of each payment done by each client who you send to us. There is no limit to the amount of clients who You can refer, therefore is no limits for his ganacias!

The following table shows potential his ganacias by each referred client:

Plan of hosting Cycle of invoicing Price Its Gain
Advanced Monthly $9.95 $4.98
  Annual $99.50 $49.75
Interval Monthly $6.95 $3.48
  Annual $69.50 $34.75
Nascent Monthly $3.95 $1.98
  Annual $39.50 $19.75
Economic Monthly $1.95 $0.98
  Annual $19.50 $9.75

For example, if a client referred by You contract “the Intermediate? plan with monthly payment and remains with us 3 years, You you will receive $6,95 xs,50 = $3,48 every month, during 3 years.

How they detect the people who I refer?

- When you send a visit to our Web using his customized connection (with his YOU GO unique of Affiliate), a cookie with his YOU GO is placed in the PC of the referred person. This way, if the person who you us refierió return to visit our Web, our system detects the cookie and assigns the commission in her account of affiliate. The cookie remains active by 90 days.

How receipt my gains?

- Once it has more than $10 in ganacias, it can ask for payment through PayPal.

I can participate if I do not have a Web?

- Yes, also it can promote its Enlace de Afiliado in other sites, for example, using Google Adwords. But it has a Web with content for webmasters, then it will be very easy to him to recommend our services of hosting (lodging or lodging Web.)

Which are the rules?

- Strictly the shipment of mail nonwished is prohibited (Spam), and to leave its Enlace de Afiliado in forums and blogs where it is not allowed to do it. Not to observe these rules it will force to us to take drastic measures, being able even to arrive to close his account of affiliate, and to lose ganacias that could have accumulated.

I need to be client of HostAndes to participate?

- No, it is not necessary, but someday it needs services of hosting already knows where.

How I can begin?

- First it must be registered (by all means, it is completely free). Soon it punctures the connection “Affiliations? and sigua the instructions.

If still it has doubts, contáctenos and we will respond to its restlessness more soon possible.

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